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Rafstal Inox Rafstal Inox is a stock-holder specialized in distribution of stainless steel long products - bars, equal and unequal leg angles, flats and profiles. From our warehouse we can serve you with wide range of stainless bars in the following grades: 4307, 4305, 4541, 4404, 4021A, 4057QT.

Our stock range covers :

  • bright and hotrolled round bars
  • angle bars - equal and unequal leg
  • flat bars hotrolled

Complete overview of our products you will find in the folder "Products".

Our mission is to deliver complete service package to our customers. We are fast, square & prompt

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What is Stainless Steel ?

What is Stainless Steel ? How are austenitic grades interrelated ? What are the ferritic options ?

Stainless Steel - Tables of Technical Properties

Chemical composition.
Mechanical properties.
Physical properties.


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Working with Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel.
The form of corrosion.
Testing and inspection.


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